In 2017, Heather passed away of cancer. Jodi continues to call the company The Chai Wallahs in plural, she feels Heather is there with every decision she makes with their business. Jodi is back at the markets and growing the number of stores carrying their products.

Our Story:

In 2003, we decided to share our love of Chai with folks at farmer’s markets all over central Alberta. And so the Chai Wallahs were born. In India, Chai Wallahs are men who sell tea on street corners and trains. Each Indian family has a unique recipe depending on what spices are available. After selling at hundreds of markets and creating thousands of bags of Chai, we are still delighted to be drying ginger and grinding cardamom pods to produce this amazing tea. We’ve created our own warming blend and are happy to offer it as a dry tea mix. There’s also a decaffeinated version - Chai Honey - with all the spices and none of the caffeine. And here’s more good news….honey is locally produced and unpasteurized. 

You can buy the Masala Chai and Chai Honey from these unique stores or order a cup of Chai from these coffee shops around Red Deer or order them right here online.